3,703 plays Artist: The Gaslight Anthem Name: Here's Looking at You, Kid
Here’s Looking at You, Kid /// The Gaslight Anthem

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1,185 plays Artist: The Unicorns Name: Inoculate the Innocuous


The Unicorns - Inoculate the Innocuous

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26,561 plays Artist: Sufjan Stevens Name: To Be Alone with You


i’d swim across lake michigan

i’d sell my shoes

i’d give my body to be back again

in the rest of the room

to be alone with you

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1,055 plays Artist: The Smiths Name: I Don't Owe You Anything


I Don’t Owe You Anything - the Smiths

You should never go to them 
Let them come to you 
Just like I do 

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493 plays Artist: Dandy Warhols Name: Bohemian Like You


The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You

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